Planting a tree is easier than you think. Here’s everything you need to know – just in time for National Tree Day.

It’s National Tree Day soon– a great opportunity to to do something positive for your local environment and community by getting your hands dirty and planting a tree or two.

If it sounds like too much hard work, it really isn’t. All it takes is these six simple steps:

1. Soak

Soak the tree while you work to ensure the root ball is soaked through, as a dry root ball could reject water from the surrounding soil. Consider adding a seaweed product to the water to help the tree avoid transplant shock and to improve root growth going forward.

2. Dig

It’s important to dig a hole that’s at least twice the size of the existing root ball of the tree. Depth is more important than width in …

Trees are the oldest living organisms on the planet. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they offset environmental impacts and create a healthy, clean environment for us to enjoy.

The benefits of planting trees are far reaching so we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the most important benefits of all.

Grab your shovels and your gardening gloves, and get ready to be inspired.


There are a lot of benefits of planting trees, including the following:


Trees create jobs for thousands of people all over the world.

Farmers spend their days in forests and orchards, reaping the endless benefits of trees. Trees provide food, shelter, and so many of the things we take for granted.

Give back the best way you know how and plant a few trees.



It’s no secret that …